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Why COVID-19 Might Heal Us

- Practicing Human (Cory Muscara, Mindfulness Coach)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide

- Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

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ways to calm down

During these difficult times, you are not alone in feeling anxious or worried.  While we cannot be in control of the uncertainty and changes taking place, we can work to control how we respond. 


  • Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes to allow yourself to worry then follow it up with a funny show, movie or youtube clip.

  • When a worry thought enters your mind, be a detective.  Ask yourself if this thought is true, false, or a guess.  There is a lot of conflicting information and sensational news.  The CDC and WHO are two organizations that provide factual information.  Think about whether the evidence supports your worry or if you are able to let it go for now.  

  • Use techniques of grounding, calm breathing, visual imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and exercise to calm your body for self-care.  

  • EXERCISE, whether this is a walk outside or running up and downstairs, youtube clips for exercise, get your endorphins flowing and expose yourself to direct sunlight whenever the weather permits.

  • Most important, tell yourself and your kids, “This too shall pass”.  Remind yourself that emotions can hijack you temporarily, they are not permanent. Ride the wave of emotions and let them gently pass.

  • Take a news break for a few days to give yourself a reprieve

  • Create routines for yourself and your kids daily to provide structure

  • Stay connected through social media

  • Remember how resilient you are, you have been through life transitions, coped and survived. You will get through this!

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other resources & help lines

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Covid-19 Anxiety Resources - Extensive tools from the University of California - San Fransico

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Virtual Wellness Retreat: free online program every Wednesday

Crisis Lines: